How to download and add a custom report template in the Team Console.

The following custom report templates are available on our website which you can download and add to the Team Console. 

 – Simple Dashboard: Provides a dashboard view of total billable/non-billable project time as well as a summary of time entries by project and by person.

 – Time Entry List: Provides a full list of time entries for all resources for the selected date range in a table format.

 – Time Entry List (CSV): Same as Time Entry List report but displays comma delimited. Report results can be exported as a CSV file and imported into excel.

Follow the steps below to download, add and view the custom report templates.

1. Download the custom report templates.    
      – Click here to open the page on our website containing the custom report templates.
      – Right click the orange download icon/button of the report you’d like to download and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”.
      – When prompted to select the location to save the file, make sure the file is saved as an extensible markup language file type then click save.
      – Verify the file saved on your computer with a file type extension of .xsl (XSL stylesheet).

2. Add and view the custom report template in the Team Console.
     – Start the Team Console.
     – Click on the Custom Reports tab.
     – Click the link ‘Add report template…’.
     – Navigate to folder where you saved the report template.
     – Select the report and click ‘Open’.
     – Select a date range to run the report from the Dashboard date picker.
     – Select the newly added custom report from the report template drop down list.

Note: If you’re fairly technical, you can use the report templates to create your own custom report templates. Click here for more information on creating your own custom report templates.