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Wall Street Journal

Services to Help Us Stop Dawdling Online
Overall, the service helped us get more tasks done because setting goals required us to think through how we would build our days’ work… Read more »

Computer World

Running on AIR: 10 great office apps you can grab right nowRead more »

10 Adobe AIR Apps That Simplify Our Lives
It’s time management at its best… Read more »

Web Hosting Search

Best Web ToolGet Klok has been featured as 
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RIAs that Rock (April 2010)
The Klok site probably states the need for its product the best: “Every minute you spend working that goes unaccounted for is like giving away your product for free. Tracking your time accurately is essential to staying profitable.”…

Best Time-Tracking Application: Klok
The winner, with nearly a quarter of the votes, was Klok an Adobe Air-based time-tracking tool… Read more »

Five Best Time-Tracking Applications
Built with Adobe AIR, Klok is a lightweight and cross-platform tracking solution… Read more »

Top 10 Apps Worth Installing Adobe AIR For
There are lots of web sites that claim to make project and time tracking easy for freelancers and by-the-minute workers, but Klok really delivers intuitive tracking to the desktop… Read more »