Klokwork Team Console Release Notes


  • Ability to sort projects and people ascending or descending


  • Scheduled Backups – Added the ability to generate scheduled backups of the Klokwork data file.
  • Pulse Report – Added a time entry ‘Pulse’ report next to the By Person Summary and Details reports which provides a visual representation of the daily hours worked.
  • Submitted Time Entries Indicator – The total number of time entries submitted by Klok Pro users since the last import is shown in brackets within the ‘Import All’ button.
  • Left Side Panel Width Adjustment – The width of the left side panel for Dashboard metrics, Projects and People can be resized to the user’s preference.
  • Person / Project Quick Select – Added a drop down menu option which enables the user to switch between people or projects without leaving the Summary or Detail reports.
  • Application Display Enhancements – Klokwork Settings menu option panel, Main Dashboard Report Page, By Person/Project Reports, Projects and People edit mode panels.
  • Performance Improvements
  • and more…



  • Fixed bug causing duplicate assignments
  • Added filter by name box on “By Project” and “By Person”
  • Fixed random crashing when switching views


  • Fixed issue causing duplicate assignments
  • Fixed issue where assignments saved with template would show up in disabled state when creating a project from the saved template


  • More options when adding sub projects
  • Added ability to delete assignments
  • Made assignment list hide disabled ones by default
  • Added ability to sync child colors

v2.1.0 GA

  • The first GA version

v2.0.9 RC9

  • The last free public version

v2.0.8 RC8

  • Fixed issue preventing the ability to hide/show archived projects
  • Added database cleanup capability.
  • Added custom reports view.
  • Added ability to specify currency symbol

v2.0.7 RC7

  • Added feature to roll up time entered on locally created subprojects up to the parent project
  • Fixed data parsing to prevent “negative time” issue

v2.0.6 RC6

  • Fixed issue with deleting resources

v2.0.5 RC5

  • Fixed issue causing comments not to show up in the exported CSV or XML output

v2.0.4 RC4

  • Fixed issue with tag reports causing no data when more than one project had the same tag
  • Enabled the ability to save a project as a template and to create projects from templates

v2.0.3 RC3

  • Fixed issue with incorrect rollup setting when sub projects are created

v2.0.2 RC2

  • Fixed error 1009 when publishing newly created projects with no assignments
  • Added ability to add assignment to -Everyone-
  • Fixed issue where selecting “Add to all child projects” would only add assignment to the first child project

v2.0.1 RC1

  • New look and feel
  • New reporting
  • Pretty much new everything

v1.0.1 Beta

  • Fixed issue that caused negative durations when importing entries
  • Added ability to export CSV from the project and resource summaries
  • Added automatic update framework