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    It would be nice if on the right click menu of project items there was a Worked On option in addition to Work On. Quite often I find myself noticing after I’ve done the work that I didn’t note the start time in Klok. So I have to click on Work On, then Stop, then the project, then project view, then Time Entries, then scroll to the bottom, then edit the time. Worked On would make a new time entry in the selected project and go directly to the time editing dialog. Thanks!


    Ah! If just posted a request that’s sort of what you are suggesting! Good idea – I am always getting in this position, especially if I try to save small amounts of time when responding to emails from various clients (for example). All these minutes add up during the day and often get lost. My suggestion is to have the notes box pop-up when starting a job so you can at least make some sort of note before you start to reind you later what you did.


    I think the following menu item would be nice as well.
    Work On From Last Task

    This would add the new task with a start time of the end of the last task. This is useful when I stop one task and I’m not sure what I’m going to next. When I do decide there might be a few minutes gap. Or I’m away from the computer and start a new task. An hour later when I come back I have to stop the current task in Klok and manually change the stop time. Then it would be nice to have the next task auto start from the end of the last one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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