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    I was just thinking… I update my twitter and facebook at an almost unhealthy rate, and I update my Klok quazi-religiously… but for some reason I don’t enter in what I’m working on.

    Usually I go through the day clicking on my various projects and then at the end of the day (sometimes – and not nearly as often as I should ;) ) I go back and write what I worked on.

    If Klok would prompt me “What are you working on?” each time I switched projects, it would at least give me some basic idea of what I was working on and I could go back and add details as I need to later.

    It’s too hard to click on the individual project when it is first started in Klok, otherwise I might just do that… but I love right clicking on the icon and switching projects, it’s so fast and easy.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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