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    I have an iMac and a tablet. I’ve recently started using Klok on my tablet to track time when I don’t have a network connection. I want to install it on my iMac as well, so I can have all my time tracked in one place.

    I’ve found the applicationStorage folder and synced it between both machines with Dropbox. My question is about how Klok interacts with the .dat file. If I forget to quit Klok on my Mac, go track a bunch of time in Windows, and then track some more time on my Mac, will the Mac instance append its time to the dat file or klobber it with a new one? Will I lose the time tracked in Windows?



    I’m wondering about the same thing. I do freelance work on multiple computers; windows and mac. Can I somehow change the location of where the dat file is and sync it with DropBox? Do I have to ensure that the app is closed on all machines before entering data into another machine?

    Scott MckeownScott Mckeown

    In 1.5 and 2 you can specify a network location by mapping a drive or using the UNC path for it. You will need to make sure that only one version of Klok is running at a time that is connected to that data file.

    We are working on several possible mechanisms to make this better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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