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    I’ve set Tools/Prefrences [Timesheet] to ‘.csv’
    I’ve configured a “Time entry driven” timesheet.
    When I open the timesheet, it looks, like I would expect.
    When I drag the Excel-Symbol to my desktop, I get a file with extension ‘.xls’.

    But when I load the file in an editor, I see:

    Project Path Date Start Time End Time Comment Duration

    So this looks like .html.

    I get the same, if I set the configuration to ‘.xls’ – which also explains, why Excel complains about the mismatch between file extension and content.
    Problem 1: I need .csv (for post-processing)
    Problem 2: It would be nice, if CSV and html output files would be named accordingly
    Problem 3: Also .xls yields html output



    I tried a “Project driven” timesheet – same behaviour.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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