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    Nothing about the Timesheets works correctly unless I only want a Monday thru Sunday printout from the Dashboard. None of the various timesheets views linked at Week View bring up any dialog or timesheet of any kind. They simply don’t work at all. Actually clicking “Other” brings up a date range dialog which I’ve adjusted half a dozen times to try and set the period I want. It accomplishes absolutely nothing since NONE OF THE REPORTS WORK.

    Why is there a Preference for starting my pay period, which for my current client runs Friday thru Thursday, when it has absolutely no effect on the sole Timesheet format available?

    I have to admit I’ve had this much trouble on CAD/CAM software costing thousands of dollars so I suppose I shouldn’t bitch about beta testing a $20 program. Still I long for my old Mac time tracker that worked perfectly for years. If you don’t respond as on my last inquiry I’ll just have to export the CSV and tweak it properly myself in Excel. That’s assuming your CSV export works…

    My OS is mentioned in the prior post about Snapping not working. I have a Windows 7 computer available as well if you confirm Klok 2 won’t work on XP Pro. As I mentioned I’m running the latest versions of AutoCAD and Office without issue. Is it AIR that’s screwing up?



    Well everything’s working fine now. I restarted the program numerous times when I was trying to get my printouts correct without any success. Rebooting the computer seemed to do the trick.

    The only other possibility might be the services I was running before. When I’m working I’ll have at least one AutoCAD version running and Crashplan and TeamViewer services running in the background. Is there any possibility these may mess with AIR or Klok? It seems many formatting changes I make don’t seem to take without restarting the program or, in the case of the timesheets, rebooting the computer.

    I’d appreciate some feedback.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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