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    I’m using the team console beta, which is going to be essential to my use of Klok. When a user submits time for a task that spans 1pm, let’s say 12.35pm to 1.35pm, the import into team console reads this as being a -11 hour task rather than a 1 hour task. It’s obviously subtracting the start time 12.35, from the end time 1.35 and getting -11 for the duration. The xml submitted by the user looks fine, although it’s written in 12 hour format regardless of the user settings in preferences. I don’t know whether this has been imported into the .db incorrectly or is being calculated incorrect in the console app. If anyone knows what I can open the .db file used by team console with, that might help – at least I could manually update the data. Ade

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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