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    It would be nice to have a tagging feature for Subproject.
    A Tag can be applied for a subproject. A tag could be marked as “inheritable” by other subprojects. Then we could see a “Pie” report based on tags.

    Use Case:
    1) I have different applications that I have both to maintain (write new code) and at the same time give level 3 support. So I have a Project per application and subproject for Development and Support. I would like to know, globally how much time I spend giving support and how much time in development. So I use the tag “support” and “dev” for the Support subprojects and the Development subprojects and using the Dashboard, click on “Dashboard based on Tags” and I can now see the information I want to see.

    2) I have three clients, and for each of them I have many projects. I want to see how much time I spent globally per client. So I tag each project belonging to client A as “client_a”, and to client b as “client_b” and so On. Now using the “Dashboard based on Tag” feature to see the information I requre.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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