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    Like everyone else, first I have to commend you for an awesome product. Been using it for a few years and it makes my life so much easier for estimating and invoicing projects. Which is no small feat considering I track upwards of 150 different projects (and growing).

    Two of my top three feature requests have already been mentioned: ability to sort projects in the list and “snap” start and stop time of a project between two adjacent projects. So I’d like to submit my votes for each of those.

    But I haven’t seen my third request and that is to be able to copy the Project Code to the sub-projects (the same way that you can choose to inherit the hourly rate from the parent or sync the child colors). I track different components of a project as sub-projects (development, training, design, etc.) to align with my quoting system but they all track back to the parent project ID. When I export my timesheets or invoices, I have to make sure I’ve manually coded all of the project codes to each sub project so that they appear on the timesheet (I can then sort them by project code and have all of the work I did on a project group together).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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