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    Hi, looks like an interesting utility. Thanks for sharing.

    I use Quickbooks to generate my invoices.
    I like to provide the breakdown of time spent (Date and Description/Comment only) in the invoice.
    I can export the report from klok, open in calc and copy/paste the required info (and remove the tab characters), however it would be nicer to be able to select those fields for clipboard export and then paste that directly into Quickbooks.
    (Yes I know I am lazy..) :)
    Is this possible to consider?



    I’d second that – would really appreciate being able to import into quickbooks. I know that could be a pretty challenging task – for anyone who is interested, at the moment you should theoritically be able to export to CSV/excel, then use an application that converts CSV files to IIF files to import. Real bummer here is that the converters on the market that I have found are all about $90-$300. I guess intuit either requires partner products to be highly priced or their SDK costs a hell of a lot.


    I’m fairly surprised at the way in which this app exports data, I should have checked this prior to purchase. I would really benefit from a CSV export beginning on x date and ending on y date that looks simply like this:
    Project, Date, Hours (decimal), Description

    Like the other posters, I like to show a summary of the work done on my invoices, but I usually just paste the items into a single product item on the description line.

    The current export creates a table of the data – which is fairly worthless for any use, but if that same export could replace the html with comma’s that’d be excellent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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