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    As a person who switches between billable projects, using Klok fills me with anxiety: Am I “on the clock” when I don’t want to be? Am I “on the clock” when I do want to be? To me, this would seem like the most important and trivial feature, but I haven’t found a way to enable it. To know if I’m in the state I want, I have to bring up Klok and look for the presence or absence of a tiny little stop sign.

    A quick, huge improvement would be to radiate my status via the windows task bar, the one that shows the running Klok application, have 2 different klok icons: the yellow one could mean off clock, a green one could mean on-clock. That would go a long way.

    If you can go further, please design the visuals of the main window itself MUCH more about whether I’m currently on the clock or not, and what the current task is. Currently, it takes way too many seconds for me to determine that; I should be able to tell at a glance, since that is what this application is all about.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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