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    I’ve been using Klok 2 for several years now, and as time goes on, the accumulated data recorded has caused it to behave sluggishly, such as when I want to look at a certain task’s hours spent during a specific time range, or when booting up Klok. Is there any way around this problem? I thought of one solution but it’s not ideal, and it’s to save a backup of older data (the .klok file and the klok.db file) from previous years in another folder, and then use a fresh klok.db file for this current year. Would that help make it more responsive? But like I said, it’s not ideal because I’d be splitting up the data and if I want to look at the entirety of my recorded data, I’d have to load up the older .klok/klok.db files separately from the current one, and then add the numbers together to get the statistics I need (for example, how many hours I spent writing a specific novel over the last several years).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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