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    Please, some of options should be as soon as possible, I dont know is it problem for programming or not, but for using is one of basics:

    – Starting day of week (sun/mon)
    – 12/24h format
    – Working hours (for example, from 9h until 17h, so program will show us only that time period in view)

    Thing that is a little confusing is in minimised option of program: when you see icon clock and Currently working on:
    I must first start in project view | START WORKING | so in drop down in mini mode i will see project. I think it is better logic, that dropdown always show all projects so you just select it and click button START WORKING. So then, mini mode, will be have more usability. I make small tutorial about using this program in business where i am working, and too much people think the same.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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