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    I opened up Klok and everything was gone — nothing in sight. I looked at the klok.dat file, and there’s nothing in it. I hadn’t done anything to the program, and had been using it fine…now it’s disappeared.

    Any ideas ????? Please tell me I can get this back or that there’s a reason for it.


    Which version of klok are you using? and on what operating system?


    I’m using 1.5 on Windows Vista. I love this program, and really want to continue using it — i just need to trust the data won’t disappear again.


    Have you tried to search your pc for the klok.dat file?


    Yes, as I mentioned above, I found the klok.dat file and it’s empty. I tried to reset the data file path to be sure it pointed at that, and nothing.


    I beleive that when you reset the data file path it will recreate the klok.dat file if it does not exist. If it does then it should use the current file.
    Did you get any message about the file already exists and will be over written?

    Im not sure where else to check on this one but I will ask Rob about it.



    I tried it twice — the first time I said continue to use the existing file, and I got nothing. So the second time, I reset it and it was empty. I’m as baffled as you are — I hadn’t done anything but close the program and then reopen it.


    I have this problem too from time to time – usually when i’m trying to play catchup and dragging several projects over setting up there start and stop times – then if i shut down at the end off the day without actually closing Klok first i lose all the data i dragged over. The old existing data seems fine – just the new stuff – my current work around is simply to close and restart klok after i put in my times.


    This seems to be a real problem with Klok – it all depends on how good it is at retaining its repository. If a system fault causes a crash (this is Windows) then you need to know that the data is safe. It’s claimed that in 1.5 beta you can relocate kloc.dat. Anyone know how to do this?

    It would be better if klock did offer the option of retaining multiple backups of its data – on a daily or hourly basis with a cleanup option when the backups exceed a given number.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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