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    Drew KondylasDrew Kondylas

    I just found and started using Klok (beta v1.5) yesterday. So far, I’m extremely impressed!

    There is just one thing that I ran into and perhaps it’s because I’ve only been using it for a day that I haven’t found the proper way to do it… is there a way to do multiple tasks at the same time? For example, I set off a 3D render on one of my computers at work (that project is being tracked in Klok) and then I do work on my second computer on a different project. When I start tracking that second project in Klok, it stops my time for the 3D render. I’d like to keep track of the rendering time, as I could see it as being nice to see a convenient log of how long specific projects have taken to render. But since I do a lot of 3D rendering, I often do a secondary task on another computer when waiting for a render to complete. Is there a way to track both projects at the same time? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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