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    Our experimenting shows that jobs cannot be created in Klok and uploaded to Klokwork Console; they must be created in Klokwork and downloaded into each users Klok after being “published”
    (Is that correct or are we doing something wrong?)
    Therefore, we are trying to create a process that will allow users to add projects and work on them when the Administrator may be on vacation or out of the office.

    1. I created a blank job called “Alyssa 100” in Klokwork Console, assigned it to Alyssa, and published. She downloaded it into her Klok.
    2. She changed the name and added information into the description field, and put a time entry on it. She uploaded.
    3. I imported in Klokwork Console but her changes (other than the time entry) did not show up.
    4. I changed the name to what she wanted it to be, added an account number, and published it again.

    When Alyssa downloaded, the name was changed and the account number was in place, but her notes were gone from the description page.

    DESIRED RESULT: Is there a way for a user to create their own job that can be uploaded to Klokwork later, OR is there a way to edit a job in Klokwork and publish it without losing description field content entered by the user in Klok? What happens when I add new jobs and hit “publish all”…does each user’s notes in the description field disappear? Can notes in the description field be maintained, and added to, as the job is worked on and publishing up and down takes place? Ideally, the KLOKWORK database would serve as our job archive and maintain notes about each project for future reference.
    Is there another place where notes can be entered but not lost when Klokwork publishes?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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