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    Hey everyone,
    So I donated some dough and got on the Beta 2 program. Anyhow – i’ve been using it for a while now (updating whenever possible) and the tool has been working fine for weeks. However, yesterday I had to close it for some reason (or else it silently crashed) so I relaunched it from my start menu. But when I relaunched it, the week view was all black and only showing the grid marks for one day (not full week) and my list of progress was also all black (w/exception of the 1st project being visible). Also, many button press functions just don’t work anymore. Something seems seriously wrong w/it – either way I can’t use it anymore! I thought maybe my AIR plugin was corrupted somehow? I installed trial versions of some Adobe CS5 apps Monday but Klok2 was working up till yesterday (Thursday).

    Any ideas what happened? I even tried a reboot but Klok2 still is behaving like something is seriously wrong and is unusable! :(

    Too bad I can’t just export my data to Klok 1.5 – i have too many projects in Klok 2 to do that now.


    That is pretty strange. One thing I would suggest would be to try using you data file on another machine that has a fresh Klok installation to see if it is a problem with your data file or with your environment.. My guess is that the data file is the problem though. Is there any way you can send me your data file?

    You can email me directly at rob at mcgraphix dot com.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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