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    Its a shame I really liked this program too. But after a update it stays at initializing. I uninstall try it again.. it gets stuck again Version 2.57. I try the old version 2.39 and 2.29 and it cannot even go past initializing. I have a support ticket but they keep referring to the same knowledge base article and not really helping you.. its like they stopped caring about the program. And according to the lack of replies on the board here it shows the same thing. No I chose a IN YOUR FACE subject matter maybe someone will help me, If not I wasted $20 and used it wonderfully for 3 months before the update. Attached screen grab is when I had 2.57 installed with latest AIR Adobe version too.

    Also I have had no plugins, never had, no need

    Someone please help, it took me months to find just the right time clock to use for work and I REALLY do not want to looking again!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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