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    I would like to know how do i copy a weeks timetable throughout the month.

    I have a standard timetable as i am an ungrad. Is it possible to copy my weeks routine into other weeks? or do i have to manually do it each week?

    Also, just would like to know why the projects stack against each other(side by side) as i drag and drop them into a day, even though they are hours apart.
    (i uploaded a picture of my description.)

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


    we hadn’t really considered the need to copy a set of entries from one week to the next. The primary idea of Klok is to capture actual times spent rather than expected times. That said, it is possible that for weekly/daily meetings, the times are all the same. We will add it as a future feature request.

    As far as the issues with the display, there was a bug in 1.x that caused problems in weeks that spanned two months resulting in the display issue. That has been fixed in version 2.0 (download the beta at http://klok.mcgraphix.com/klok/betaProgram.htm)


    Thanks for your reply scott even though its like long over due. heh. reformatted my laptop, so i just recently installed klok again. I really do hope to see the sweet weekly/daily feature.

    Thanks again! :D


    Version 2 is now available http://www.getklok.com/products.html) which fixes the issue with the tiny side by side entries

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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