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    Great air app.
    Thanks for all the hard work.



    +1 !!!

    This is a great lightweight time tracking app, please don’t let it get to bloated because I love the simplicity. Its been great to watch the evolution from 1.0 to now, I’ve been running 1.5 RC1 (patch 1) for a few days now and it seems very stable and all the new functionality is great.

    Keep up the great work 8-)


    Just spent the better part of an afternoon searching for a user-friendly project timer. You have developed a very cool tool here! Now part of my regular daily ops. Love the minimize and especially the drop down to switch between projects. Please keep this one alive.
    Very happy camper, thanks. :D

    Thierry BonnetThierry Bonnet

    I recently updated to 1.5.1 RC1.1 and the labels on my entries are gone. I can see them if I export a timesheet, but not on the normal week view. Anyone else having this issue?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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