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    On v2.2.4 Release notes you state:

    •Added first run dialog with simpler way to activate

    When you say “first run” do you mean everytime I start the free version I will get this prompt, i.e. every “session” of klok, because that is what I am seeing. Therefore, if I close and reopen I will see it again?

    But the way I read it, and I may be completely wrong on this, meant that only the first time I started Klok after upgrading I would see.

    Could you please clarify what you meant?


    Scott MckeownScott Mckeown

    That message will appear every time you open the Free version. If you purchase a license key you will no longer get that message.
    Please realize this message allows us to keep you up to date with Klok and announce new features that user may not be aware of.



    Ah, I understand now. It was just a misunderstanding on my part as far as the frequency of this message. 😳

    Thanks for the quick reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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