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    This program rocks!!!!!

    I feel rather ingratuitous for requesting features in an excellent program being distributed as freeware, but I do have one idea:

    Since the timeline objects don’t display the project path, but only the sub-project name, it might be nice to have the project tree expand and highlight the top level project whenever a timeline object is clicked.

    Some of our project trees are fairly deep, and many of these are repeated structures with identical sub-project names under differently named master projects, all with the same default color-key. This makes it hard to know at a glance which master project owned the sub-project being worked. This adds substantial complexity to coding this program since I’m sure that this would require every project added to the tree to have a unique ID, even if each instance comes from a template. Certainly not impossible, though.

    Having the project tree expand and select the top-level project would identify exactly which master project owned the sub-project entry.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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