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    Hello to all,
    I’m a developer and for me is very useful to have Klok on my second monitor, in fullscreen mode, always visible.

    Klok is in Startup Windows Menu, so it starts automatically when user logon; however it appears every time in the main monitor, and in a 1/4 monitor size.
    What I’d like is that Klok remember the monitor (main or second) where it was displayed last time, and remember also the last position and size and/or mazimized/normal mode. Moreover, having Klok always visible in the second monitor I don’t need the button on the Windows Task Bar (I can see it at any time on second monitor) so, add a new mode in Tray Icon context menu more than “Show Klok” to remove the Klok button on Windows Task Bar even if Klok is visible, so I get more freee space for other applications.



    I add a third to the motion. “Remember last position and size of all display modes”. Now that I have added several on-going tasks in addition to 25+ clients, I need the window bigger, every time. Using a 30″ cinema display allows me to do a minimum of scrolling. The second 17″ monitor is just the right size to maintain the Klok window in nearly full-screen. Having to re-position each time is a pain.
    Tx _Mark


    As an interim solution, try using GoScreen ( http://www.goscreen.info )

    It’s a multiple desktop and window manager. You can set Klok to always start on the monitor/virtual desktop you want it on, and/or make it jump back to that location with a keypress. Also has OS-X-ish “reveal windows”, configurable with great hotkey support, fast, stable, …

    No, I didn’t write it – just a fan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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