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    Hi guys

    I’ve just installed Klok for about a month and have been loving it since then. I used it almost everyday for time logging at work.

    Btw, I’d like to make suggestion how about adding the ability to drap and drop Time Entry in between projects?

    I reckon it would be very helpful and increase the efficiency of organising time entries at the end of the day, because a lot of times I need to log my time continuously throughout the day and don’t have time to choose which project I need to include the time log. So I used to just put them all into some “Temp Project” and re-organised them at the end of the day but this was always a hassle because I have to re-enter the time log one by one to the different projects. I was hoping that there’s somekind of feature to move the time entries to relevant projects by drag and drop.

    If this could be done I think it’ll be really awesome :mrgreen:

    Thanks guys



    This is on my list of things to add. I agree that it would be really useful.


    I’m looking forward to this feature too, but for a different reason.

    Sometimes I bill for parts of a given project, before the whole project is completed. I’d love to be able to archive just certain time entries, but there’s no way to do that– only to archive an entire project (or sub-project). And of course, I can’t reorganize the larger project into sub-projects after the time entries have already been entered…


    Yeah! This is a must have Rob! Thanx for a great app. I use it to track my time on designs, my time watching anime and track the hours my baby sleeps :D So it is a great multitasking tracking app.

    And dragging would be awesome!


    This is also a feature I would love to see. And multiple selections should be able to be dragged together, not just one at a time.

    Additionally while on the subject of drag and drop – it is a bit of an accessibility issue to have drag-drop as the only method of performing a task (I experienced it because of a dodgy mouse, but for anyone with physical disability it’s even more of an issue). A context menu approach would be great to have as well. e.g. I think the only way to delete a time entry is to drag it to the bin – why not have context menu delete and/or highlight and hit Delete key options as well?


    Just adding my support for an archive feature. I bill on an ongoing basis with clients and need to be able to clear out the time billed so I can start again.




    Just wondering if this feature has been added yet? It would be ever so useful!



    One more vote for this feature. This would help me out enormously!


    Great application! Dragging time entries is definitely a useful feature. I kloked the time for within a same job but under a different category and now can’t drag it to the correct one.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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