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    I’m a graphic design and have been using Klok for 1 year. It is a great app!

    In the future, I would love to see the following changes:
    1. When you select colors for your projects, they should be the actual color and not a dark version of the color.(they end up looking ugly and very similar to each other)
    2. Allow for more project color options. (maybe custom colors) We work on a ton of different project in a month and it is easy to repeat with limited options.
    3. Light skin alternatives. (the pink and green options are poorly designed compared to the dark version)
    4. An archive that allows you to restore a project and the child folders together. (It currently breaks them apart in the archive)
    -Since this option isn’t available, I keep all of my archived projects in a folder on the sidebar.
    5. When using a Wacom, the Shown time adjuster(right side) gets wonky and changes itself when scrolling.
    6. If you accidentally make your time entry too small, you can only delete or make it larger by going into time entries and editing it.
    7.The ability to Copy and Paste time blocks.
    8. Multiple Time Calendar (possible in tab form and combinable)
    9. Title/Keyword searchable
    10. Time blocks could be selected individually and Klok would automatically calculate the total of selected time blocks.

    Thank you for your consideration on these suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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