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    I love this product except that when I enter a new time entry and fill in a very detailed description of a task, then
    click UPDATE, and then do almost anything such as switch to another project, or close Klok and reopen it, select a project,
    the latest entry will be there but the description will be gone. This happens ALL THE TIME. It is so frustrating
    because I can’t remember the details of every entry I put in and so I will have these blocks of time listed
    but blank description. I can’t figure out how to ensure that my data is there.. I have tried creating a blank
    entry at the end, copy and pasting my entry to a notepad and then re-opening klok to make sure the data
    is there, etc. I have considered purchasing the upgrade but I can’t keep using this product if that keeps happening.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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