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    My Mac Book Pro OSX recently crashed. I had a full back up but not including my applications.

    I have installed v.2.5.11 and copied all of the Klok2.DD…. ‘local store’ files from my time machine backup into the active preferences folder in the newly downloaded version of Klok on my hardrive. There were no other other Klok related files in this folder so i didn’t delete any existing files when i dropped them in. No data appeared in the application. I then tried to link the files to the application in the application’s preferences. I was asked to choose to ‘backup and replace’ or ‘update from file in new location’. I tried clicking both options but neither did anything or restored any data. I also tried restarting the application and laptop to see if it helped. I was formerly running Klok v2.5.10 and wonder whether the old data files are not readable by the updated application.

    > is there a way i can open the files i have backed up in time machine
    >do i need to install v2.5.10 in order to do so ?
    > if so where do i download it from ?

    The data is invaluable to me and i would be incredibly appreciative if anyone could shed any light on the problem.

    Thanks you !



    I need the update version information.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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