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    I am new to Klok but its very impressive…was using another similar app in the past but this is Much Better!!!

    One thing that I am finding a little annoying though is the need to always use the minimise button to have Klok disappear into the task bar instead of the close (x button) which just closes it (tho i guess this is what it should maybe do) but it stops the logging of what I was doing and does not give me any warning…meaning I need to remember to reopen it and start logging again. Therefore wondering if hitting the close button could just minimse it to the task bar and then for closing of the application to occur when you right click on the task bar icon and select the close button.

    Also curious to see how it behaves when I come to putting my laptop to sleep and if it stops logging automatically…and if it resumes in the morning or thinks I have been working all night long…not really sure how it should handel such a case…

    Another thing I have just had a thought about and dont think I have seen suggested yet is some option to maybe synchronize multiple copies of klok…I happen to work on multiple systems depending on where I am and what I am doing…and it would be a handy feature…maybe working via on online hosted service or a hosted service you can set up on your own server? Prehaps you could just build it as a flex application quite easily…although this does mean having a web browser open/recalling to open one up to update the project your working on…and my experaince has shown this not to work so well…

    Just some thoughts really…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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