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    Hi, I’d like to start by saying how absolutely brilliant Klok is. It’s already proving to be really valuable and I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks now.
    Anyhow, I was just wondering is it possible to create new themes/colour schemes for Kloks interface? If so, how would I do that, and is there a place where people are uploading schemes yet? I vaguely remember reading something about changing schemes on here, but couldn’t find that information when I just checked. Perhaps I’m imagining things.
    Thankyou for reading, and to the creators, keep up the good work! ;)



    Your not imagining things. The plan it to offer at least 2 color schemes in the version 2.0 release.

    For the current version it is not possible. I had not considered building in the functionality for users to create their own. But I will add it to the wish list.


    Woo, thanks for the rapid response. I’d like to point out that the current colour scheme IS very tasteful :D. I just thought it’d be cool if people could customize it to their needs etc. Keep up the great work! I’ve been trying to convert many of my creative friends to the cult of the Klok as it were. So far I’ve made 2 converts :D.


    Thanks for spreading the word. I appreciate it.


    I have to second the idea of a different appearance: I am really liking using Klok in the mere 24 hours I’ve been trying it, but I think I’m going to have to uninstall it for now: it is nearly impossible to read the gray type on the black background. To make matters worse, the type face is rendered quite poorly on my screen, especially at smaller sizes (e.g. my project list…). Not sure why, though I suspect it’s a function of the platform. For the record, I’m using Vista SP1.


    On my system (a mac) I actually can’t read the pie chart view. Bright green with white text just isn’t working. Hopefully this will change soon.
    Greg :)
    p.s. is an update happening soon? I’d love to send some money to keep things going. This really is better than most of the apps I evaluated!


    i agree! i really like the functionality of Klok, but the low-contrast dark text on black background is completely impossible for me to read. It’s obvious to me that those who design these dark color schemes are all young people! :)

    i know that dark color schemes are supposed to protect your eyes from eyestrain, but if you have to squint at the computer all day to read the dark text on the darker background, your eyes are strained.

    Scott MckeownScott Mckeown

    Version 2 (download the beta at http://klok.mcgraphix.com/klok/betaProgram.htm) will have another skin available when released. We expect to be adding additional themes over time. Perhaps even allowing other designers to create themes too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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