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    Within Klok you have the “Recent Projects” drop-down available in the “Working On” area which is a great little convenience/efficiency feature. In our organization we have a fairly deep project hierarchy with many projects sharing very similar names (particularly the beginning of the project names). The “mouse-over” feature you provided in the “Recent Projects” drop-down which displays the entire project path and name when you hover over the project is great…in fact critical…for us. Otherwise many of the projects in the list would look exactly the same and without the mouse-over feature we wouldn’t be able to use the Recent Projects list.

    Unfortunately the “Change Project” pop-up provided when you edit a task hasn’t had the mouse-over feature added yet. Which means most of our folks cannot take advantage of the “Recent Projects” tab when they are changing projects for a time entry. They still have the option of using the “All Projects” tab and navigating to the correct project but it’s just very inefficient by comparrison. We have a very large project hierarchy.

    Since this pop-up looks exactly like the drop-down in the “Working On” area it seems like it would be a pretty straight forward copy of functionality which would be appreciated by at least a few folks here.



    Actually I have to make a correction. It’s not just the the “Change Project” pop-up that is an issue and the “All Projects” tab does not actually solve our problem. Sorry, I should have read the feedback from my coworkers a second time and stepped through it before posting.

    The main issue is that the pop-up window does not scroll horizontally and does not resize to fit the project names/tree. This applies to both tabs in the “Change Project” pop-up, but also the “All Projects” tab in the “Working On” drop-down as well. If you have long project names which start the same then you have no way to distinguish beween projects in the list. There is no mouse-over hover information in those three tabs. Only the “Recent Projects” tab on the “Working On” drop-down seems to provide mouse-over hover information. That part works great so our problem would be solved if this same functionality was also available on the other 3 tabs as well.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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