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    I would like to see a better archive implementation.

    Maybe make it something like projects sidebar or something like that. Right now if you want to un-archive a project you have to go through a list, and sorting function acts strange (it’s definetly not ascending-descending).

    What I hate most about archive is what all sub-projects just gets a line in archive list the same as top project, so if you want to restore a project you have to go through whole list selecting all lines for the top-project. I tried to restore project only through sub-project line and it restored top project with few (not all) sub-projects and also made some duplicates.

    I would like to see something simple like a view or list of top projects, with all sub-projects nested inside them and you can restore whole project by using ‘restore’ (or something like that) on selected top project.

    Or just add some way of hiding projects from left sidebar.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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