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    Feedback about the Klok 2

    Things I like nicer interface, everything looks much nicer, new exporting features and stuff !!

    This is a superb tool and I use it everyday !!!
    I will purchase the licence but there are things that annoy me in version 2. I do not want to be negative about it so here is my constructive feedback.

    Things I don’t like is that timer starts at 5 minutes…

    Why ? Sometimes I start the task and then I have to go somewhere do something and then i stop it, it should record the time of 1,2,3 minutes instead of 5..

    Either there should be a setting for this or this should be changed back.

    Another thing is system tray icon, it annoys me because once I pin Klok2 to the taskbar in windows 7, and minimize the window, it disappears from the taskbar meaning if I click the task bar Klok2 icon the Klok2 doesn’t appear, i have to click the system tray and then click the taskbar again, which is very annoying because I have to do 2 clicks everytime I minimize Klok, which I do all the time because I do not want to see the timer while I am working.
    The fix for this would be so that the taskbar would actually show Klok on click.

    Or you can also have a setting to disable tray icon, but i think it is a bug that it doesn’t appear on click that should be fixed.
    Because of this bug I am actually thinking switching back to version 1.

    Also in the settings the feature of switching the time showing as 00:00 or 00.00 doesn’t work it still shows it as time 00:00 and I am used to Klok1 where it shows 00.00

    Please fix this, I would appreciate greatly and get the licence! :)

    Otherwise, keep up the amazing work on this SUPER USEFUL TOOL.


    The fix for this would be so that the taskbar would actually show Klok on click.

    As far as the tray issue I may have a solution for you.

    I don’t know whether it’s a feature specifically of Win 7, but when I minimize Klok into the tray (probably configure this by rt. click Taskbar > Properties > Notification Area > Customize > Klok 2.exe > select Show Icon and Notifications) …it still shows up there and I can left click it once and (pop) there it is, restored.

    Hope this helps on this point anyway.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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