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Actually I have to make a correction. It’s not just the the “Change Project” pop-up that is an issue and the “All Projects” tab does not actually solve our problem. Sorry, I should have read the feedback from my coworkers a second time and stepped through it before posting.

The main issue is that the pop-up window does not scroll horizontally and does not resize to fit the project names/tree. This applies to both tabs in the “Change Project” pop-up, but also the “All Projects” tab in the “Working On” drop-down as well. If you have long project names which start the same then you have no way to distinguish beween projects in the list. There is no mouse-over hover information in those three tabs. Only the “Recent Projects” tab on the “Working On” drop-down seems to provide mouse-over hover information. That part works great so our problem would be solved if this same functionality was also available on the other 3 tabs as well.

Thank you.