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Are you referring to Klok or Klokwork Team Console?

We have been using Klok at our organization for the last few months and at least in the version we have (I think we started at 2.5.4) we are able to drag-and-drop projects around within the Klok project tree which is great.

There is one REALLY BIG gotcha though (and that’s actually what I thought this feature request was going to be about when I saw the title). If you do not expand a project node in the tree then you cannot drop a project underneath that node. Even if the project node you are trying to drop something under currently has no children at all you still have to “expand it” in the tree before you will be able to drop something underneath it. It’s not obvious at first why Klok won’t let you drop a sub-project in there and it definitely caused a number of people frustration before we sent this little gotcha/tip out to folks in our organization.

My hope, my feature request, is that when you are dragging a project around within the tree if you hover over a non-expanded project node (maybe immediately if it is a node that currently has no children / sub-projects because “why not” expand it) that Klok will “auto-expand” that project in the tree…allowing you to then drop the sub-project under that node without having to stop mid-move, manually expand the target parent node, and then go back and drag-and-drop.