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I’ve found the time entries page to be very difficult to manage — and buggy.

1. I cannot delete time entries.
2. If I modify a time entry it becomes duplicated
3. If I accidentally leave Klok tracking overnight, it will contain 2 time entries. (I suppose this is reasonable, but again, I can’t remove the accidental entry)
4. After modifying an entry, creating a new entry the time “total hours” does not update. (I see instant updating seems to be a general problem with this app)
5. When I try to remove entries, I navigate away from the project view, and back and the time entries pain is blank. I have to close and reopen the program

My only solution is to make the time entries that won’t delete 0 minutes.

I don’t know what an air app is capable of detecting within the OS, but if I forget to stop the timer, it’d be great if time was stopped once I turned off my machine.