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Hi Marco,
did you find a way to sole the problem?? Date column seems to contain date in mm/dd/yyyy format, but my Excel is based on OS date format (dd/mm/yyyy), so the dates that can be swapped between dd and mm (ex: 01/01/2010, 07/09/2010..) are threated in a way (right aligned, seems to be Date type, but with dd/mm swapped), the other dates that are “unique” (ex: 16/12/2008, 09/14/2010) are threated in another way (left column aligned, seems to be Text type). Infact, setting column format property to “custom” and using the format gg-mm-aaaa (or dd-mm-yyyy I mean for english Excel) you can see how only part of the values takes the new format, while the other values stay invaried (with / separator and left aligned).

I don’t know if this is a problem in Excel while importing/converting/interpreting values, or in Klock while creating xls document, however I’ve not a solution to solve this problem, yet!

Any help will be kindly appeciated!