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I’m okay with having to split the time block at midnight (that kind of makes sense for keeping days separate), but I’m having some other problems (I work late at night, and am trying to track all my activities 24 hrs per day to get a complete pie chart).

Whenever I place or drag a time block right up to the end of the day (midnight), Klok creates a tiny (1-minute) block of the same project on the next day. This causes a few problems:

1) if I put another activity starting at 12:00 (or 00:00) the next day, it shrinks to half width (due to being at the same time as the 1-minute fragment … see screenshot).
2) I end up having to manually edit end-of the day activities to end at 11:59.
3) Worse: having to go manually find and delete all the little 1-minute time blocks accidentally created.
4) Much worse: having those 1-minute (or I’ve even had zero-minute) time blocks show up on my time sheet.

Is there a fix or workaround for this? (I mean, a better workaround than what I’ve described.)