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Common questions and answers relating to our various products.

Klok Desktop

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How do I buy a license?

You can purchase a license from our online store. Secure payment processing is handled via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase.

Where can I download it?

You can install Klok by clicking the "Install Now" button on the right of the main Klok page. In order to use the advanced features of Klok you must enter your license key (which will be emailed to you when you confirm your purchase) on the Tools > Preferences > General screen.

Where is my data stored? How can I back it up?

The data for Klok is stored in a file called klok.db. The default location of this file is at the following location but you can change that on Tools > Preferences > General screen.

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Klok2.DD7F2188B985C2439837C76B42A187050457E61B.1\Local Store

Windows Vista\7\8: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Klok2.DD7F2188B985C2439837C76B42A187050457E61B.1\Local Store

Mac OSX: user/Library/Preferences/Klok2.DD7F2188B985C2439837C76B42A187050457E61B.1/Local Store

Linux (Ubuntu): ~/.appdata/Klok2.DD7F2188B985C2439837C76B42A187050457E61B.1/Local Store

To backup your data, open the appropriate folder listed above or the folder you chose on the Preferences screen. Copy your klok.db data somewhere safe to back up. In the event of a problem, just copy that file back and start Klok and you will get your data back.

As you might have guessed, you could use this method to transfer your data between computers if you wanted to, essentially allowing you to "sync" multiple instances of Klok. we have even had several people say they use Dropbox to transfer data between computers. We have not tested this, so it is "unsupported" at this point.

Can I connect Klok to my existing time tracking system?

The full version of Klok includes the ability to install connector plugins for various popular time tracking systems. Also, the Klokwork Team Connector is available for free that gives developers the ability to integrate it with existing time tracking systems.

Does Klok communicate back to the internet? If so why?

There are only four ways that Klok communcates back to

  1. When you activate your license
  2. When checking for updates
  3. When you click a link from the About menu or click the links for information regarding the full version
  4. When you open the free version, the dialog shown retrieves the current price for the full version

No personally identifiable information is passed with the request.

Occasionally, antivirus software may prevent applications from making calls without permission. Check the documentation with your security software for specific instructions for your system.

Why does Norton quarantine Klok 2?

A few users have indicated that Norton flags Klok as a potential security risk and quarantine's the application. Symantec has told us that the issue was the result of a false positive which has been corrected in recent updates. If you are seeing this problem, you may need to update to the latest version of the definitions from Symantec.

Where do I get support?

Please visit our support page for how-to videos, user guide, knowledge base and user forums. You may also email us at

Klokwork Team Connector

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When can I download the Klokwork Team Connector?

Version 1.1.8 is now available. Download it now. You must have a valid license for the full version of Klok to use the connector. You may purchase a license from our online store.

What if I already have data tracked in Klok?

Right now, all Klok connectors are intended to be installed into Klok which has not had any data tracked in it. If you already have data captured, you can start with a blank database by setting Klok's datafile location to an empty folder. This is done on the General page of the Preference screen. Your existing data will remain in its current location.

If I use Network File Mode, how do I make sense of the submitted data?

The XML data is a structured format which can easily be read by almost any programming language. The intent is that users of this mode will have some other tool or process to parse the data. If you don't have the resources or desire to create such a program, Klokwork Team Console may be just what you need.

How do I create the Projects.xml file?

Because the XML data is just a text file, you can manually create it in any text editor. Like any xml file, it is important to make sure the file is well-formed. You can export your project XML from Klok on the preferences screen and use that to start. The only modification you would need to make is to the remoteId attribute. The value must be a unique identifier in your organization. It may be the same as the project code. The Klokwork Team Console can export this file for you as well.

What if we need help integrating our own timetracking system?

If you have questions regarding integration with an existing commercial or custom built timetracking system, contact us at and we can help you.

Klokwork Team Console

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Where can I download the Klokwork Team Console?

You can download the Klokwork Team Console now from the Klokwork Team Console page. You will need to purchase a license key from our online store.

What does Klokwork Team Console cost?

The Klokwork Team Console costs $99.99 USD and can be purchased from our online store.

Where do I get support?

Please visit our support page for how-to videos, user guide, knowledge base and user forums. You may also email us at