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Below are several ways to get answers to your questions about Klok.

I can't find my license key I've reached my activation limit

How-to Videos

Get up and running quickly with these video demonstrations of various Klok features.
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User Based Community

Klok User Forums
The user forum is a place where Klok users share ideas and solutions to common problems.
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Knowlege Base and Ticket System

Search our growing Knowlege Base articles
If you have a specific problem for which you cannot find an answer, you may submit a ticket directly to our support team. Please note that Klok2 Pro Users will get a higher priority in our queue but we strive to answer all submitted tickets.
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Found a Bug

Report a Bug
Lets face it. All software has a bug or two. If you find a Klok bug please report it to us so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Please check some of the more common questions that we have been asked.
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