Klokwork Team Console – v2.1.4 – Release Notes

Release Date – 07/01/2014

New Features

Feature Enhancements

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Klokwork Settings

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Connection Settings

Data File Folder Location

Backup Settings

Main Dashboard Report Page

By Person/Project Reports

Custom Reports


Feature Details

Scheduled Backups

Added new backup feature to store a copy of the Team Console data file. The data file backup default is set to automatically back up each day. The user can choose to turn off backup feature (not recommended). The user can change the backup schedule frequency (not recommended). ‘Backup Now’ button allows user to manually create a data file backup.

Pulse Report

The By Person dashboard Summary/Detail view now includes a time entry ‘Pulse’ report. The pulse provides a visual representation of submitted time entries by day for a team member. The color/shading of the time entries will increase/darken where time entries overlap. The color/shading will continue to increase in proportion to the number of overlapping time entries.

Submitted Time Entries Indicator

When a Klok Pro user submits time entries to the Console, a time entry file is created for each day within the submitted time period. The ‘Import All’ button now provides Team Console managers with a visual indicator showing the total number of daily time submissions by Klok Pro users since the last import. For example if team member A submits time back to the Console for the prior work week (i.e. Monday through Friday), a total of 5 time entry files will be generated for team member A and the ‘Import All’ button will show the number 5 in brackets. The indicator will continue to display the number 5 until either the Console Time Manager clicks Import All (which would reset the counter to 0), or the same team member submits time entries for a different time period (which would increase the counter based on the number of days submitted), or another team member submits time entries (which would increase the total number)

Left Side Panel Width Adjustment

The width of the left side panel used to display dashboard metrics, projects and people is now resizable. The user can click and drag the right border of the panel to adjust the size. The adjusted width of the panel will remain in place after closing/starting the application. The font size of ‘Total Hours’ in the left side panel (above the ring chart) will adjust depending on the size of the value being displayed. Values > than 1000 will display in a slightly smaller font size than values < than 1000 will display in a slightly larger font size. The report values will display in a smaller font size when viewing a month as compared to viewing the report results for one week.

Person / Project Quick Select

The By Person and By Project Summary/Detail reports now include a drop down list which contains either a list people or projects (depending on which report the user is viewing) having time entries for the selected date range. The drop down menu option enables the user to switch between people or projects without leaving the Summary/Detail report view where prior versions required the user to navigate back to the dashboard in order to view another person or project from the Summary and Detail reports.