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Thanks for your reply.

I’ve always been updating Adobe Air to the latest version, and currently I’m using version (updated on 12th July 2015). But, I am sure that this not the problem, because a week ago I reinstalled Klok in a new computer with i7 @3.9 GHz, 16 GB RAM and W7 x64 it was working like a charm…until I asked to open my current working database; then, it takes more than 5 minutes to open on a computer of this power (Klok is shown as Not responding during that time). It is better (50% quicker), but still too long!

So, my feeling is that this problem is related to the database file size, unless most people are not facing this problem. As already mentioned, is there a way to speed this by for example reducing the Klok database file. Anybody knows how to reduce it size by archiving in another file old time entries; currently, my “klok.db” file is 2.33 MB.

Also, Klok uses almost 50% of my processor computing power; it is currently the most demanding application that I have, and I do have some heavy programme like Office and Matlab. Is there a specific reason for this (due to Adobe AIR), or there is something wrong with my installed version. Is there a possibility to have a compiled version that does not require Adobe Air to run?

Finally, is there a new version of Klok on its way? If so, can we suggest some possible improvements please?

Thanks for your help.