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I’ve just started using klok, and it seems pretty cool!

A cool third-party integration that I would like to see: Oracle Calendar (we use it at school) and/or Google Calendar (since more people probably use this). Already, after using this program for a short amount of time, I find that I’m duplicating entries, especially meetings. I plan on definitely using Klok for keeping track of how long I’m working, but it would be nice to have everything together… Even if it was just one way, like a “send to Oracle” button. This could be a niche use, but I usually put my often fluctuating work schedule into oracle so that my manager can look and know that I’m working on something, as well as me having a backup record of my work times.

However, for freelance stuff, Klok is damn near perfect! I’m using dropbox to store my preferences file, and it seems to be working well to sync between the few computers I have.

Thanks for making this great program!