Explain The Team Console Admin User

When using the  Klokwork Team Console, an administrator would have it installed on their machine where they would manage creation, maintenance and assignment or projects. They would then “publish” a project list to each user who then imports their own personal assignments. If everyone has access to the same network share, these files can be published and then accessed directly from Klok (where each use configures the location of share where the projects have been published). This requires the use of the Klokwork Team Connector.

If everyone is not able to access the same share, then you can manually send the project assignments (which is an XML file) via email and then each user can then load them locally. 

Along with the ability to create and assign projects, the console can also import time entered by each user for reporting purposes. For example, if you have 20 people working on the same project. They can all submit their time for the week (month, day, etc.). You can then import that time and generate some reports that show how much time was spent in total on a particular project with the breakdown of how much each user spent.