Klokwork Team Connector

Synchronize the client, project and tasks across your entire organization. Allow users to submit timesheet data to a centralized location. This connector is free when you buy a Klok license. Download now!

Download Now

  • Download v1.1.8
  • Requires Klok 2.3.7 or higher
  • Note: Do not unzip the file. You will install it as a complete package.

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Integrate with Existing Systems

Because the Klokwork Team Connector works with files and URLs, there are many possible options for integrating with existing systems.

For example, you can write a program to read the files and display reports, create invoices, etc. If you don't have developers to write this kind of program, consider Klokwork Team Console which offers some of this functionality out of the box or contact us and we may be able to develop custom functionality for you.

If you have an existing time-tracking system then it may be possible to have Klokwork Team Connector talk directly to your system. Whether PHP, Java, .Net or Coldfusion, you can make calls to your system by exposing a page or service that can accept the calls make by the connector. If you need help with this, let us know and we can help you out.

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