Klokwork Team Connector Release Notes

List below are the main details for the previous releases of the Klokwork Team Connector Plugin

Download Now

  • Download v1.1.7
  • Requires Klok 2.3.7 or higher
  • Note: Do not unzip the file. You will install it as a complete package.

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  • Fixed additional issue where items flagged as not able to have time tracked against them was still trackable


  • Fixed issue related to locally create projects that are sub projects of projects from Klokwork Team Console


  • Fixed issue where items flagged as not able to have time tracked against them was still trackable


  • Adjusted layout of config panel to ensure the save button isn't off the screen
  • Fixed issue where the fields were not correctly displaying/hiding as the modes were changed
  • Fixed issue where the mode was incorrectly displayed when re-opening the config panel after closing Klok


  • Fixed issue with non-numeric remote ids


  • Rolled back SDK changes and fixed compatibility with Klok 2.3.7


  • Upgraded SDK
  • Corrected issue with archiving of items that are missing from subsequent feed
  • Added ability to specify whether or not to overwrite locally changed colors


  • Added device id for use with the console.


  • Fixed issue where special characters in time entry comments caused errors


  • Added ability to turn on debugging

v1.0.7 Beta

  • Added better error reporting and notifications

v1.0.6 Beta

  • Adjusted Accept Headers to mimic WebKit
  • Fixed configuration panel so the correct radio button is selected

v1.0.5 Beta

  • Added parent_local_id to project node

v1.0.4 Beta

  • bug fixes

v1.0.3 Beta

  • Fixed KTC-1 Importing additional subprojects didn't work
  • Fixed KTC-2 - Timesheet submission results in archived projects
  • Fixed KTC-3 where "code" was not imported
  • Fixed KTC-4 - Connector config screen always defaults to File mode

v1.0.2 Beta

  • Enabled the ability to configure separate urls for upload and download

v1.0.1 Beta

  • Now supports first day of week selected in Klok
  • Note: Requires Klok 2.1.6

v1.0.0 Beta

  • The initial beta version of Klokwork Team connector