Track Time Working From Home with Klok

Use Klok Pro to track time while working from home.

Track your time while working from home using Klok Pro Time Tracking Software.  Klok Pro is available in single and multi-user license packs. For groups of users please see our Klok Team Console

Klok Pro Only $19.99

Visual Display of Your Time

When you think about your day or week, does it feel like it is getting “filled-up” with work? We thought so too. That’s why Klok shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days very much like your calendaring application works. Most applications just let you enter the total time spent on a project per day in a spreadsheet view. The problem with that approach is that you potentially lose some valuable information. For example, if you or your staff spend four hours each on two separate projects within a day, it might be useful to know that the time was spent in 16 individual 30 minute entries as you toggled between projects numerous times throughout the day. By having this information, you can identify inefficiencies that might be totally lost if you didn’t track this level of detail

Client with different rates

Flexible Client/Project Structure

Do you organize your work by client? Do you have multiple projects for each client? Are they broken down into tasks? The way you think about the work you do is likely to slightly different than the way others think about it. For that reason, Klok allows you to set up your clients, projects and tasks (and sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks etc.) just the way you like it.

Weekely Timesheet

True Time Tracking

Does your time tracking system require you to keep track of the time you spend throughout the week just so you can enter it into the time “tracking” system? With Klok you can avoid the unnecessary step of keeping track yourself. Simply start working on an item by dropping on the “Drop here to work on” area at the top of the screen (or right click a project or task and choose “Work on”). When you start working on something else the timer on the previous task will automatically stop and a new one will start. The time spent on the task will be added to your week view and show up when you view the dashboard or timesheet. You can also stop a timer manually using the stop button at the top of the screen. And don’t worry… you can always adjust the times after if you need to.

Klok Team Console for Groups Working From Home

Efficiently manage projects and resource assignments for your team in one location. Aggregate reporting provides analytic views and insights across resources and projects. Remote users working from home can track and submit their time so no time or money is lost.

For more information on Klok Team Console 

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