Klok Release Notes

Listed below are the main details for the previous releases of Klok Desktop

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  • Changed default backup schedule
  • Increased default window size
  • Increased default size of left panel
  • Added end time to time entry comments when time sheet display type is configured as "Time Entry Driven".
  • Added warning when attempting to activate again
  • Increased the field width for the network path in connector configuration
  • and more...


  • Fixed issue syncing data with the cloud mobile sync


  • Fixed issue when re-adding dashboard widgets
  • Add handler to catch errors when loading database file that is an incorrect type or corrupted


  • Fixed issue initializing the project tag table
  • Fixed missing estimate column on timesheet
  • Added billable hours column to timesheet
  • Fixed issue with hours vs. estimate table not saving configuration


  • Fixed: First day of week setting not respected in some date pickers
  • Fixed issue where time entries tracked using the mobile app that crossed noon, did not sync correctly


  • Fixed timer issue when items cross midnight
  • Fixed issue where manual entries that span mutliple days would incorrectly be put on today regardless of selected date
  • Added quick comment button when mousing over time entries


  • Added tagging
  • Added favorites and tag view
  • Added new widget showing remaining estimates
  • Added ability to clear the log from the plugins screen
  • Removed autozoom when scrolling weekview with scroll mouse


  • Better stability when syncing with the cloud


  • Fixed refresh issue on project pie dashboard widget
  • Added new Time Summary dashboard widget
  • Fixed issue with "beginning of month" calculation
  • Change encryption mechanism for connector configuration
  • Fixed skin of connector installer to support day and dusk skins
  • Added ability to browse connectors and install from within Klok


  • Fixed error message being displayed when running a timesheet
  • Fixed missing Excel icon when dragging a timesheet to desktop


  • Fixed drill down issue on dashboard
  • Fixed issue preventing uppercase letters from being accepted in the cloud password
  • Fixed intermittent crashing with cloud sync
  • Adjusted padding around application
  • Changed close button to not exit application on Mac


  • Updated new dashboard to make charts movable and resizable
  • Added additional dashboard charts
  • Added button to start working directly from tree
  • Added Cloud Sync for Mobile
  • Fixed header ghosting in dusk skin


  • Restored "Classic" Google authentication option for those who don't want to "Authorize" Klok


  • Added new Dusk skin
  • Updated Google authentication to use OAuth
  • Fixed issue where un-archiving caused duplicate project entries
  • Improved un-archiving performance
  • Fixed minor display issues in larger font skins
  • Fixed refresh issue on project view when adding sub projects
  • Add ability to mark entries as invoiced


  • Added full project path on mouse over entry in week view
  • Added validation for HTML invoice provider
  • Fixed Xero/Blinksale authorization panel display using light skins


  • Fixed "crossing midnight" issue
  • Added ability to right click and copy dashboard charts
  • Fixed Xero authorization panel
  • Fixed size of initial entry when double clicking on weekview


  • Fixed issue where deleting items from the week view failed occasionally
  • Fixed issue with ancestor field on timesheets when time is tracked against top level project


  • Simplified backup restoration process to better support moving between machines


  • Added Night skin with larger fonts
  • Added beta of invoicing integration with Xero and Blinksale


  • Fixed typo in project right-click menu
  • Added support for Exchange 2010 import
  • Added ability to delete user-created templates


  • Fixed bug where choosing "This week" in the date range picker always reverted to Sunday as the first day of the week
  • Fixed bug where a "quick comment" was not reflected when double clicking to edit the current timer item from week view
  • Added context menu option for adding a sub project from the project tree
  • Added billable/non-billable breakdown to total area on Dashboard
  • Fixed bug with "Last Month" timesheet link where time on the first of the month was not always correct


  • Fixed bug with Google Docs integration the same timesheet can't be uploaded twice if the first one fails
  • Added right click options for items on week view
  • Fixed bug where times could display as 2:60 instead of 3:00 due to rounding


  • Fixed delete bug on Time Entries tab
  • Added Google Docs Integration for saving timesheets (Full version only)
  • Fixed missing menu on OSX on Timesheet Window
  • Added ability to save Google Account settings (Encrypted)
  • Added "quick comment" icon to the working on area for current timer item


  • Added introductory text when there are no projects
  • Added rounding to billable total timesheet displayed as Time Entry driven
  • Added better debugging for connectors
  • Fixed bug with Time Entry driven timesheet where parent hourly rate was not respected


  • Fixed bug preventing timesheets from being launched from project view
  • Fixed formatting error when timesheet displayed as Time Entry driven


  • Fixed typo in preferences
  • Added buttons to time entries view for moving/deleting
  • Added timesheet configuration tool


  • Fixed bug that prevented you from being able to generate a timesheet or view the dashboard for a single day
  • Added preference make Klok start when the user logs in


  • Fixed bug where changing the project from the Time Entries tab didn't "stick"
  • Added ability to delete multiple entries from Time Entries tab from context menu in grid
  • Added ability to move multiple entries to a different project from context menu in grid


  • Made project filter no longer case sensitive
  • Enabled connector specific project panel


  • Fixed issue where you can't delete a time entry from week view after changing its project


  • Fixed issue where HTML export format was not working when saving timesheet
  • Added first run dialog with simpler way to activate


  • Fixed issue where default setting was to not check for updates automatically
  • Added ability to filter the project tree by name


  • Fixed issue where automatic backup check was happening even with the free version


  • Added validation so you can't enter 0 for the time to wait between backups


  • Added ability to backup your database and preferences (manual and scheduled)
  • Added additional timesheet export formats
  • Added ability to specify the calendar to import from when importing from Exchange
  • Added "check for updates" button for connector plugin


  • Fixed issues with timesheet export


  • Fixed: KLOK-67 Can't exit from system tray Klok
  • Fixed: KLOK-65 data lost when reassigning a project
  • Fixed: KLOK-64 sum of times is incorrect
  • Enhanced Recent projects dropdown


  • Added ability to specify the first day of the week


  • Fixed issue where Google Calendar import was failing due to no time information being returned with full day events


  • Fixed issue where Google Calendar import was failing. This seems to be due to a change made to the way Google returns the time
  • Made the username in the Google import box not be masked as a password


  • Fixed issue where week view wasn't refreshing and the total wasn't updating after deleting from the Time Entries tab.


  • Fixed issues with Time Entries tab which prevented deletes from working (despite the confirmation)
  • Fixed issues where changes made to time entries on the time entries tab would not sync real-time with connector
  • Fixed issue where total isn't updated on the Time Entries tab when an entry is updated.


  • Fixed Google Apps Calendar integration supporting HTTPS


  • Completed Plugin Architecture enhancements
  • Fixed mouse over tips on Dashboard to show correct value in popup
  • Added tag to folder icon to show when a project can't be tracked against
  • Disabled time tracking from read only projects (right click, "drop on", etc.)
  • upgraded to AIR 2.0
  • Added support for recurring appointments from Google calendar
  • fixed incorrect links and template text


  • Fixed issue where Google or Exchange import was failing


  • Fixed KLOK-12 - dashboard shows no data


  • Fixed issue which prevented the order of top level projects from saving
  • Fixed skin so that selected skin is remembered between sessions
  • Fixed issue where orphaned time entries caused the display to hang