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Note! The standalone Android version has been replaced with Klok Cloud Sync & Klok Mobile. However, the standalone Android version will continue to function and be available to those who would like to use it.

Klok mobile is both a standalone time tracking application for your phone and an extension of Klok Desktop. Klok Mobile is still a work in process, but if you would like to try it out and provide feedback on what we have so far, you may download it now from the Android Market.

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We are still working on the mobile version of Klok. The current beta is a complete working standalone version. However, the current version does not have automatic synchronizing with the desktop version. For instructions on manually syncing, see the "Getting Started" tab above.

The second beta now has a report button that allows you to see the data collected for any date range.

Getting Started

Klok Mobile Beta is now available on the Android market. Search for Klok Beta to find it. You may alternatively scan the bar code to the right if you have the appropriate application on you phone to do so. Note: When you install Klok you may be prompted to download and install Adobe AIR for Android first. Once installed, you can launch the application like any other app.

Manual synchronization (Beta only)

The first time you run Klok, a database file will be created on your phone's SD card in the klok directory. By default this will be a blank database. If you would like to copy your data file from the desktop application follow these steps:

  1. Open Klok desktop and go to the Tools > Preferences screen. Make note of the location of your data file.
  2. Close Klok desktop
  3. Close Klok Mobile if it is running. You can do this by pressing the Menu key and choosing Quit from the menu. There have been some reports of a bug that prevents the Menu from being shown. If this is the case, you can press the "+" button which will bring you to the Time Entry Details screen. From there, the Menu key should work. If not, you should be able to press the Back button on your phone until Klok closes.
  4. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  5. Once connected set the connection type to be "Disk drive", "Mount as drive" or the equivalent option.
  6. After a few moments, your computer should recognize your phone as a drive. Using Windows Explorer or OSX Finder navigate to that drive and locate the klok folder.
  7. Copy your data file from the location identified in step 1 to the klok folder on your phone.
  8. Set the connection type back to "Charge only" or the equivalent or disconnect your phone from your computer.
  9. Restart Klok Mobile and you should see your Projects and Time Entries on your phone.

Note that if you start tracking time on your phone and on the desktop, there is not a way to combine them in the beta. In an upcoming release of Klok Desktop, there will be a sync utility to merge the changes together.

Using Klok Mobile

Using Klok Mobile is somewhat simple. You can manage the details of your projects by clicking the projects button (which looks like a folder with a paper clip onit). Doing so will allow you to navigate the project tree, add children, edit project details and delete projects (to delete, you must navigate to the project itself and then touch and hold the project name at the top of the screen to access the delete option).

Once you have some projects you can track time in two ways. Starting a timer and manual entry.

To manually enter time, click the "+" button. Then select a project, and enter the start and end times and an optional comment. Then click "OK".

To start a timer, click the stopwatch icon. You will be prompted to select from the most recently used projects. If you haven't tracked any time yet, the list will be blank. Select the checkbox next to the project you would like to start a timer for or click "Other..." to browse for a project. Once a timer is started, you will see a timer bar above the buttons in the main view. To stop a timer, click the red stop button. Note that the timer will not stop even if you quit the application or power off your phone. You must stop the timer manually. Starting a new timer will automatically stop an existing timer.

To edit a time entry, you can just touch it on the daily view to access its properties. To delete an entry, press and hold the on the entry while on the daily view to access the delete option.

You can change the day on the main view by clicking the arrow buttons in the upper right, clicking on the date to select a new date or by swiping left or right on the main view.

To view a report of all the time spent per project, click the report icon (that looks like a pie chart). You can select the start and end date you wish to view. Right now, we are only showing the totals per project. We will be adding a pie chart soon.

Known Issues of the Beta

  • Occasionally, the menu button does not work when you are on the main view
  • Clicking the back button while a popup (date picker, recent projects) exits the application when you access them from the initial view
  • There is no automatic sync utility for Klok on the desktop


Main daily view Date Picker Project list Project details Color Picker Time Picker Daily view with timer running Recent project list

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I download the Klok Mobile for Android?

You can download the Klok Mobile for Android beta from the Android Market or via AppBrain.

Why do I need Adobe AIR to run this application on my phone?

Klok Mobile is built using the same technology as Klok Desktop and requires the Adobe AIR runtime for your phone.

Will this run on other devices too?

Right now this version is targeting Android devices that meet the mobile system requirements for Adobe AIR:

  • Google Androidâ„¢ 2.2 operating system
  • ARMv7-A processor with vector FPU
  • OpenGL ES 2
  • H.264 and AAC hardware decoders
  • 256MB of RAM

However, preliminary testing has shown that it runs with virtually no modifications on the BlackBerry PlayBook emulator. We expect to be releasing a version for the PlayBook that takes advantage of the larger screen very soon.

How much will it cost? Will there be a free version too?

The plan is for the free version to be ad supported. We will also be releasing a pay version that has no ads. Also, you will be able to remove the ads by entering your Klok Desktop license key at no additional charge.

Latest Release Notes

Beta 3

  • Added recent project list to project picker on entry screen
  • Known Issue: Working past midnight still exists

Beta 2

  • Added reporting screen for getting output
  • Added fix for overlapping entries

Beta 1

  • Initial public beta